SLP’s management team and a large percentage of our records and legal nurse teams have been directly involved in most of the major Pharma and device litigations that have taken place in the past 15 years. This experience has allowed us the opportunity to refine processes, apply technology, and to learn from previous litigations in how to be the most cost effective solution available. Our professional management team has expansive experience in managing and supervising the challenges inherent to large volume litigation including the ramping up and down process associated with mass tort litigation.

One Source Solutions
We recognize the importance of early client interface to yield a successful and cost-effective outcome. We offer total services in one package, including record procurement, legal nurse consulting, document management, and litigation hosting and management using the advanced technology of K-Docs. We will work with you to create a streamlined protocol so all parties are on the same page at all times, applying technology at each possible step in the process to avoid redundancy and duplication and to optimize communication. We implement workflow processes to ensure your cases are completed consistently and accurately according to your project demands.

Project Protocols
Each project begins with an Implementation Meeting where the intricate details of the project are discussed. SLP utilizes its Project Planning Guide to ensure a productive implementation. Meeting discussions are then used to generate the Project Protocols, which include “rules and procedures” for every facet of the project. Any change to the Project Protocols requires use of the Change Order Process to ensure clear communication to the entire litigation team.

Quality Metrics are measured on an ongoing basis regardless of the size of the project. Examples of quality metrics for the record retrieval process include record turnaround times and for legal nurses, benchmarks in pages per hour. Our benchmarks also help to project costs for the litigation in an effort to establish and maintain project budgets. SLP takes pride in creating a partnership with our clients in how to contain the costs of litigation. This will include the use of technology and recommendations for nurse work product formatting.

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(SLP) specializes in customized, customer-centric solutions for the legal community. SLP understands challenges facing the legal arena and offers affordable, seamless, innovative and comprehensive solutions using advanced technology and experienced teams of professionals.

Our professional staff has worked on many of the largest mass tort litigations in the country, consulting and advising national, local and general counsel representing some of the largest manufacturing and pharmaceutical companies in the world. Our experience allows us the opportunity to provide our clients the assistance they need in developing a litigation strategy that has proven to save hundreds of thousands of dollars in litigation costs. Our professionals have the expertise in managing the full spectrum of cases from individual to multi-jurisdictional, multi-party or class actions. From a single case to a large mass tort, Strategic Litigation Partners, LP has your solution.


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