SLP’s professional staff provides detailed deposition questions to assist you in gleaning pertinent information during depositions. Summaries are written by a skilled team proficient in condensing depositions into a concise format, capturing substantive testimony. While we work on your deposition questions and summaries, your staff can continue to work on other important daily projects, saving your firm and your clients significant time and money. At SLP, each employee adheres to strict codes of ethics and confidentiality when it comes to all aspects of your project – and deposition questions and summaries are no exception! Each project is taken very seriously. At no time is your case discussed outside the office.

Depositions may be sent by email to or you may send a hard copy or CD via regular mail, overnight mail or fax. You will receive your summaries, deposition questions, etc. in the format you wish.

Whether you are a single practitioner or a large firm with multiple locations, SLP has the experience to conquer your most challenging cases.

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(SLP) specializes in customized, customer-centric solutions for the legal community. SLP understands challenges facing the legal arena and offers affordable, seamless, innovative and comprehensive solutions using advanced technology and experienced teams of professionals.

Our professional staff has worked on many of the largest mass tort litigations in the country, consulting and advising national, local and general counsel representing some of the largest manufacturing and pharmaceutical companies in the world. Our experience allows us the opportunity to provide our clients the assistance they need in developing a litigation strategy that has proven to save hundreds of thousands of dollars in litigation costs. Our professionals have the expertise in managing the full spectrum of cases from individual to multi-jurisdictional, multi-party or class actions. From a single case to a large mass tort, Strategic Litigation Partners, LP has your solution.


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